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How to build a Content Marketing Strategy?

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Content Marketing is a marketing technique relating to creating content, allocating related content, having attractive content and creating a place to interact target customers. Content marketing has many advantages in remaining the reader’s attention and increasing the loyalty of customers with goods, services, brands.

Basically, content marketing is an art of contacting with potential customers; target customers make the marketing process continuous. Instead of directly selling goods or services to customers, you will provide information to the customers; make them believe in the products. The nature of content marketing strategy is to build your customers’ belief in your products by articles, evidence; and they will trust and love your goods, services.

Content marketing actually plays a key role in Internet marketing. Content marketing help enterprises, companies can easily develop and boost the effectiveness of online marketing channels.


Secrets to a successful career- For all of you, not only for Virtual Assistant

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Sometimes you wondered that why some people are so successful and ask yourself that “What I can do to succeed”.

Actually, I don’t know exactly what make people succeed. However, I had a chance to visit an International conference of Virtual Assistant and Internet Marketing; I met many successful people all over the world in these fields. Throughout hours working with them, listening carefully their experience, I realized that there are some similar traits among these successful people.

1. Getting up early:

This one appears interesting yet it’s actual. Diligent employees get up promptly. They require some investment to themselves when its calm, they practice before work, and they get sorted out before the surge of movement begins. Take a stab at getting up right on time and you'll be stunned what happens. Are you more centered and profitable, as well as think that it simpler to go to rest early.



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In the early my career of a Virtual Assistant, my manager said that “In order to become an excellent employee, an excellent Virtual Assistant, you must avoid something stupid”. When I heard these words, I thought that it was a stupid thing, too. However, when I underwent difficulties, troubles and tasted the bitter failures, I realized the truth is by avoiding stupid things is crucial and the surest path to success. As Shane Parrish said, “Spend less time trying to be brilliant and more time trying to avoid obvious stupidity.”


After 5-year experience as a VA and some lessons that I learned from Brent Beshore (Founder/CEO of, I can sum up several most important points, basic principles for avoiding stupidity.



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Star inactiveStar inactiveStar inactiveStar inactiveStar inactive has rapidly turned into a standout amongst the most advantageous resources for people who are in the market for a new job. There are numerous online resources for job seekers but Craigslist is one of the most extensive. People who know how to take the advantages of Craigslist properly can make their search for a new job as narrow or as broad as they want. This makes it feasible for job seekers to enjoy a wide assortment of search options which can help them to find the job that they always wanted. The advantages Craigslist offers to members of its community is a secure search environment, the ability to narrow the search down to a specific location, a diversity of employment options offering flexibility and a huge community featuring employers of all sizes.

job craigslist



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Craigslist was started by a software engineer named Craig Newmark in 1993, as a way to let people know about events happening in and around the San Francisco Bay Area. To his surprise people quickly began using the service for things other than events, like posting jobs and selling things. Through word of mouth the number of subscribers to the site exploded and in 1999 it expanded to Boston. Later that same year, Craigslist incorporated, simultaneously expanding into nine major U.S cities. The service continued its amazing growth and in 2003 began to go global. In 2004 Ebay was impressed and concerned enough to buy a 25% stake in the company. Today Craigslist receives over nine billion page views per month and it is the ninth most visited website in the United States. Craig remains active as an employee and major shareholder; his primary focus today is keeping Craigslist free of spammers and scammers.



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