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When mention to Virtual Assistant, many people think about Virtual Assistant is who supports his/her boss through Internet, not face to face as a permanent employee. Virtual Assistants can do their jobs anytime, anywhere, so flexible as long as they have computer and Internet connection. In general, it is true in some aspects. However, let’s see the nature of Virtual Assistant to by looking at some major types of Virtual Assistant.

There are many differences between a permanent employee and a Virtual Assistant and the most different thing is that the Virtual Assistant works remotely. A Virtual Assistant is a freelancer, but not all freelancers are Virtual Assistants. Actually, it is too tough to determine how many types of Virtual Assistants. In this article, I concentrate only on major and popular types of Virtual Assistants.



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There are some differences between permanent employees with Virtual Assistants (VA). However as any other employees, a Virtual Assistant also needs motivation to work more dedicatedly and productively.

VAs are employees who work remotely, regularly from home, and who might seldom or never come into the office. Evidently, dealing with someone from a remote place could be challenging. So, how to motivate your virtual assistants?

1. Let your Virtual Assistants know your goals and visions, focus on the bigger picture:


A standout amongst the most all motivational triggers is connecting a present activity with a greater vision. For instance, when you began your business, it’s quite likely that you had some inspiration past having a business for business' purpose. You may have needed opportunity to manufacture an improved life for you and your friends and family, to help individuals or to make the world an improved place somehow. What drives you is the greater picture, not the everyday to-dos.


12 ideas for Virtual Assistant to increase productivity

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As a Virtual Assistant, sometimes you will be overload by the work. It doesn’t always mean you have many work to be done. It means you must reconsider the way you work, the way you manage time. There are some guides that will help you work productively. These tips are not only for Virtual Assistant, but also for everyone who wants to improve productivity.

1. Choose the right time:

Nearly everyone has times of the day when they are effective and times when they tend to drag. It is smart to schedule the most critical tasks for the most effective time of the day.

choose the right time

2. Toss it:


Using Pinterest for Travel Business and Travel Agencies

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Today, Pinterest is a social network with high speed of development. By sharing pictures, connecting people by images, Pinterest is very appropriate to develop travel business; as well as advertise and support for SEO of travel agencies; websites.

Let’s register on and make your own an account on Pinterest. And, with 9 tips below, you will see that Pinterest and social network in general are strong tools to develop online business.


15 key ingredients to get more pins on Pinterest

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how to


I. About some Internet and Marketing aspects:

1. Label images:

Label images and add your details (name, logo, website,…).

Instead of labeling your image as Image 1 or Image 2 (or any other random name), label your image with a relevant name, specific to your image. It’s worth taking the time to do this, at least for the most prominent images on your site.

2. Add a link:

Add a link to the pin description that leads to the webpage to drive more traffic.

3. Write long description:

Pins with description about 200 characters long get the most repins.


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