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3 ultimate guides to get effective keywords on Etsy

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When it comes to SEO, the initial step that affects to the whole SEO campaign is keyword research. You may know all techniques to be found, to be ranked on the very first page on Etsy or Google, but it will be nothing if you are not provided enough knowledge in doing keyword research. “What keywords to rank for?” – it is the most controversial  question when  people start an internet marketing in general. And so is Etsy SEO.  Keyword not only comes from the seller’s mind but also from buyer, customer’s mind. That is, you should put yourself in the shoes of your customers who look for your products on Google. Imagine what they think, understand their logical words they will write to do their searches, and once you get into their heads, you will find the perfect keywords.


As many marketers, of course, you should start a marketing campaign with STP (Segmentation – Targeting – Positioning). With Segmentation, Targeting, you will be helped to answer such questions as what are your target audience, target customer for doing marketing, doing SEO. In fact, identifying the target audience, target customer not only affects internet marketing and SEO campaign but also the other aspects of product and price strategies. Now, assume that you already have identified your target customer in your mind when you came up with product ideas and decided to sell on Etsy, move to the next step –looking for the most valuable keywords to be found on competitive Etsy marketplace and analyzing terms that your target customers use to search for products on Etsy.


Fail if you don't know fundamental SEO technique on Etsy

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Basically, Etsy is an online community for buyers and sellers to trade strictly hand-crafted or vintage goods. Most products sold here fall into the category of arts, crafts, jewelry, paper-goods, housewares and artisan candies or baked goods. Vintage items must be at least 20-years old to qualify which can range from costumes, clothing, jewelry, photos and housewares. However, resellers are not allowed to sell on Etsy.
In fact, no matter how great your merchandise is, if no one finds your Etsy shop, you won’t make many sales. Fortunately, you can use basic search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, just like you would on your own e-commerce website, to make your Etsy storefront more discoverable and increase its chances of appearing in search results on and search engines like Google and Bing.


Etsy – Business Set Up for Creative Entrepreneurs

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I. What is Etsy?

There are many online marketplaces to help create an online storefront and sell products online. Etsy seemed to be a “child” compared with giants in E-commerce field: Amazon, Alibaba, Ebay…when launched in 2005. Etsy has been around for 10 years now and has a strong following BUT it is still new enough to have plenty of opportunity. Simply that NOW is the perfect time for you to get into the Etsy business!

Etsy logo


7 secrets to make "shocking" headlines

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I. The roles of headlines/titles:

In a famous marketing book named "Made to stick", the author believed that journalists should spend 80% their time thinking and making headlines/titles for their articles and the rest of the time is for content creation. It sounds ridiculous? For anyone who is familiar with 80/20 rule, it is not ridiculous at all. Why? Why is a short headline so powerful?

Let's imagine. It is a busy morning now, audiences have only a short time for the most important things. Headline is a main element to make your audiences determine the priority, which articles will be read first, second...and which ones will be ignored. So, article's headline decides article's destiny.

If you see the importance of headline, let's discover 7 materials to make a headline.


Overview of Keywords

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I. What are keywords and how people use them?

Keywords can be defined as the way people reckon in a short format. People are inspired by ideas, they have questions, and they just want to know something, behaviors change dramatically in the age of search engine because we are answered immediately at fingertips.

Keywords are the summation of people starts into actions on the keyboard.

91% of all adults go to search engine nearly every day in order to find information. When we looking what people do online, the number one thing that people do is they search. They use search engine as a gateway to find the information that they want and need on a daily basis. For example: information about hobbies, looking for maps, checking the weather, looking for product reviews or local news... People use search engine as the way of accessing the vast amounts of information that is widely available on the Internet.

Search engine statistic

And so, what are keywords? Ultimately, keywords are summation of people needs as they typed them in the search engine. Also, the ideas that people have, they may not be willing to add on those ideas but they want to know what are out there, what's the good place to start in searching information about vacations or decoration ideas. It is also just basic questions that are come up throughout the day in a household or an office that need an answer. Search engine also has become a part of our ever day life when we come to research. What we research is a product, a vacation, or even a school...and search engine is the first place we go.

But ultimately, when we try to search in any of these things, we are efficient in how phrase those searches in order to type few words possible to access the most amount of information possible.

what are keywords

So, we have to learn the keyword insight in matching the phrases people use to answer what they want. We want to deliver to them the product, the information or the ultimate goal what they are looking for based on the limited information they give us of what they typed to search box. Starting with one word, there is a vast of implications of what they actually mean. And how that then determines how they use the website, what word is the most important to them. And we can combine the behavior based on the keyword phrase they typed to the search engine. We stand a better chance of connecting them to their ultimate goal, and we are then able to build our business.

II. Keywords: Life Cycle

- Find the keywords that are best match the searcher to your business.

- Evaluate keywords: understanding which one is important and which one is not so important

- Prioritize keywords: how to build a strategy and which one is going to deliver the right kind of customers to business.

- Implement keywords: how to implement all of these keywords to the website to increase the visibility in the search engine.

- Measure keywords: to ensure we are choosing the right keywords and we are getting the right searchers to our business and helping to grow.

Keyword life cycle

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