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Blog Improve your website's SEO with LinkedIn?

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LinkedIn is a social networking website for people in professional occupations. There are several different purposes to use your network on LinkedIn:

  • To keep in touch with the people within your own network and to always have updated information about their current occupation.
  • Via one of your network contacts, you can be introduced to an employer or business associate of choice.
  • Employers can search for qualified people, and also get them recommended from contacts the employer can trust.
  • It is possible to find contacts from a company where one would prefer to work, and to find information of the work environment.

linkedin outsourcing

Because of these useful functions, LinkedIn becomes the largest professional network. Therefore, using LinkedIn is one of the ways to help you improve your website’s SEO.

There are 3 crucial things you must keep in your mind:

1. Joining in LinkedIn groups:

A lot of the groups that you can join here are regularly read and linked too. This makes them very powerful social signals should you successfully create your own discussions and link them back to your website.

→ Joining in groups: the more the better.

2. Getting more connections:

The more connections you get, the bigger the following you have on your profile. You can target CEO’s or managers, and this gives you some control over what the demographic will be of the people you are connected to. Whenever you gain a connection, you are well advised to go through their connections and invite them to connect to you, as long as they are in the industry or demographic that you will find useful to contact in the future.

A large number of connections mean that you can post content for their attention much the same as you would on Twitter or Facebook, absolutely, it will help you in SEO.

In addition, perhaps one of people in your connections will become your customer in one day.

LinkedIn connection

→ Getting more connections: The more the better.


3. Group discussions can be like guest posts:

Answer questions is the way you can PR for your business and at the same time, you can build backlinks.

LinkedIn discussion

 Group discussions: The more the better. However, remember that your answers must be useful for the askers, otherwise, they will be spams and other people will not appreciate you.


With 3 main things above, LinkedIn helps you improve your website’s SEO. Anyway, you also should create your profile and company’s profile professionally and it will be easier to attract other people.



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