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The common mistakes when companies hire Virtual assistants

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When you want to hiring a Virtual assistant, in order to work effectively, you must surpass 5 most common mistakes. These are “Not enough planning”, “Unreasonable expectations”, “Making unclear or complicated requests”, “Too focused on price tag”, “Micromanaging”.


1. Not enough planning:

First, you need to document your daily and weekly activities to analyze which tasks could be delegated out. Then you need to come up with detailed instructions on how a brand new person would accomplish those tasks.

planning virtual assistant

And finally, you need to write The Job Description. The Job Description explains in detail what your requirements are, and describes the ideal candidate. This document serves three important purposes:

  • It sets expectations in advance.
  • It shows a bit of your personality to applicants.
  • It sets both you and your new hire up for success.

2. Unreasonable expectations:


Make sure your expectations in terms of the quality and quantity of your VA’s output is in line with the compensation that you are offering as well as the time you are allotting for task completion. If you are unsure what to even expect, then do some research. Ask your peers what they charge for similar tasks or go to one of the many online Virtual assistant communities and ask some VA’s directly what they typically make for specific kinds of work.


3. Making unclear or complicated requests:

Make sure the duties of the job at hand are clearly spelled out, preferably in writing. In fact, you should not enter into any virtual hiring arrangement unless you have a well-written independent contract or agreement in place. You should also try to check in with your VA on a regular basis to make sure that everyone is on the same page. For some business owners that may mean speaking every day, but other arrangements find that once or twice a week on the phone or via a web chat session on Skype or Google Hangouts is more than enough.

4. Too focused on price tag:

Though you may be tempted to hire someone with little experience or hope to work with someone overseas where the standard of living is lower and average wages are less, the old saying “you get what you pay for” still applies. If your goal in hiring a VA is to save time and money, then realize that all the time you spend communicating back and forth and fixing preventable errors can quickly eat away at any savings. You should make it a point to consider your VA’s reputation and experience in addition to the money you will be paying this person before bringing him or her on board.

5. Micromanaging:

Although micromanaging helps you keep a close eye on your Virtual assistant and they are more likely to perform tasks precisely the way you want, it will be time-consuming to you and stressful for both you and your Virtual assistants. They feel that you are micromanaging experience less job satisfaction because they do not feel empowered and trusted. Furthermore, you also often feel frustrated when Virtual assistants do not perform tasks precisely to your specifications, even though the results may be perfectly satisfactory.

micromanaging virtual assistant

Since hiring Virtual assistants, no need to control them every time. Daily reports of your Virtual assistants and about 2 times talking through Skype per week are enough to you to keep everything under your control.



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