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Steps to choose your Virtual Assistant

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If you are considering hiring the services of a virtual assistant, these steps will help you choose the right person for the job.

1. Determine your business needs:

This is the objective of hiring Virtual Assistant.

your needs

You should answer these questions:

-          - What staffing solutions do you lack or need?

-          - Do you need someone who can encode and process data or someone who can do business blogging?

-          - What tasks can you delegate?

-          - What virtual assistant qualities do you seek?

-          - What is your budget for sourcing?

2. Search around for viable outsourcing companies and independent contractors:

google search

This step almost means you make a list of outsourcing companies and independent contractors. This list will be the source for you to choose your best Virtual Assistant.

Nowadays, it is not difficult to you to find outsourcing providers or independent contractors through the use of search engine. Loosely speaking, you can use Google, Bing, social networks or even classified websites to find them with keywords such as “outsourcing providers”, “outsourcing”, “Virtual Assistant services”, etc.

Furthermore, you can ask your friends for recommendations. Numerous business people like you are actually transferring administrative and clerical to virtual assistants so you can suggest you some outsourcing firms.

3. Assess the service providers’ competencies:


Evaluating the service providers’ competencies is not an easy job. Especially, in the case of having many firms, ranking the firms and getting rid of fraud firms is exceedingly difficult and time-consuming. In general, you can assess and rank the service provider’ competencies by some aspects: experiences, qualifications, certificates, facilities supporting for working, etc.

4. Match your needs to the competencies of the outsourcing provider or Virtual Assistant:

For example: if what you need is a copywriter, a person with skillful in web research is not necessary. All you need is the virtual assistant who must be good at copywriting or the outsourcing company must be able to assign to you a qualified copywriter.


Also, you can make some small tests to check the technical knowledge of your future Virtual assistants. You also need to make sure that the test is reliable and valid.

5. Choose the best service package or plan:

If there are different VA packages or plans provided, see which is most suitable for your business needs. Many VA firms provide packages, under which you're given a certain number of hours of virtual assistance. In some cases, you may have to pay on a per project basis, especially if you're working with an independent contractor or solopreneur VA. Whether package or project, take note of the per-hour rate and the complexity of tasks you can delegate.

6. Evaluate the terms and conditions involved with getting the service:

You should ask about relevant issues, for example poor performance, backup VA in case of sick and emergency leaves, work hours, etc. How are your Virtual Assistant assured of work continuity and consistency? How will your business ideas and information be protected?

7. Start the virtual partnership formal and right:

Once you've found a VA you can work with, make the payment and have a signed contract.

Note: Going through 7 steps, it not always gives you the result of an ideal virtual assistant, but the result is always a better virtual assistant than choosing randomly.

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