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15 key ingredients to get more pins on Pinterest

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how to


I. About some Internet and Marketing aspects:

1. Label images:

Label images and add your details (name, logo, website,…).

Instead of labeling your image as Image 1 or Image 2 (or any other random name), label your image with a relevant name, specific to your image. It’s worth taking the time to do this, at least for the most prominent images on your site.

2. Add a link:

Add a link to the pin description that leads to the webpage to drive more traffic.

3. Write long description:

Pins with description about 200 characters long get the most repins.

4. Use Hashtags and Keywords:

Use hashtags and keywords to make your pins more searchable. The top 5 most pinned word are “love”, “home”, “things”, “style” and “ideas”.

The simplified definition of hashtags is like keywords which can be used to organize messages on a social network. This then facilitates the searching and grouping of messages with given hashtags. Hashtags are preceded by the pound sign (#) and can be a word or a short phrase.

For example:

In order to make a hashtag at Vietnam and Outsourcing in any social network, let type # before “Vietnam” and “Outsourcing” (no space character between # and the word you want to hashtag).

And the result is:

Facebook Hashtag


pinterest hashtag


Three common mistakes to avoid:

  1. Hashtagging every word (i.e. #I #am #so #excited #today)
  2. Hashtagging the same word more than once (i.e. It is my #birthday. Here is a photo of my #birthday cake, my #birthday presents, and my awesome #birthday party!)
  3. Separating keywords. If your keyword is “Virtual Assistant” your hashtag should be #Virtual Assistant. If you write it as #Virtual #Assistant this will give you two different keywords: “Virtual” and “Assistant”.

5. Display Price:

Display your price of the product on the pin.

6. Use the right board:

Share your pins on the most relevant and engaging boards to receive maximum exposure.

7. Time it correctly:

Time your pins to go out between 2 PM and 4 PM in the afternoon and between 8 PM and 1 AM at night to get more repins.

 pinterest time posting


II. About aesthetic aspects:

aesthetics outsourcing

8. Multiple Dominant Colors:

Images with multiple dominant colors receive 3 times more than images with only one dominant color.

9. Using Vertical Images:

Images that are vertical in shape with an aspect ratio between 2:3 and 4:5 get 60% more repins than extremely tall images.

10. Use Medium Light Saturated Images:

Medium light images are repined 20 times more than very dark images.

50% saturated images received 10 times more than de-saturated images.

11. Reddish-Orange vs. Blue:

Reddish-orange images receive 2 times more repins than blue ones.

12. Alter background:

Images with less than 10% background receive 2-4 times more repins than images with more than 40% background.

13. Smooth Beats Rough:

Smooth textured images receive 17 times more repins than rough textured images.

14. Remove faces:

Images devoid of faces are repined 23% more than images with faces.

15. Be unique:

While keeping your audience in mind create unique images that standout.


Anyway, let me now how you feel about our logo and how our logo appear on Pinterest? Is it proper to all 15 things above?

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