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Using Pinterest for Travel Business and Travel Agencies

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Today, Pinterest is a social network with high speed of development. By sharing pictures, connecting people by images, Pinterest is very appropriate to develop travel business; as well as advertise and support for SEO of travel agencies; websites.

Let’s register on and make your own an account on Pinterest. And, with 9 tips below, you will see that Pinterest and social network in general are strong tools to develop online business.

1. Make a board for your own products:

You can pin the images directly from your website or upload the images. If the images are beautiful and unique sights, they will be received more re-pins from your friends. Once the images appear on your friend’s boards, there are more opportunities to the images will be spread out to your friend’s followers.

Moreover, when you insert your website address into the images, you will get more traffic to you website.

Pinterest getting more traffic

In general, Pinterest likes a showroom that you can introduce your tours freely.

2. Taking the pictures of customers and “pin” them:

Pictures about the customers who are happy in the tours are necessary evidences to create belief and trust for your potential customers.

Also, you can allow other people can pin in some your “open board” to increase the interactions and the variety of your pictures.

3. Connecting to Influencers:

Actively re-pin, like and comment on Influencers’ boards. This is a chance for you to build the relationships and perhaps, some amazing opportunities will come.


4. Pin more on other interests:

Don’t focus only on your tours. Create more relative topics/interests that may be useful for your target market. It will attract more people to your Pinterest page. Of course, and more people will know about your tour, your travel agency, your website.

However, don’t pin too much on other interests. Keep in your mind that you pin other interests, but they must serve the target market.

5. Consider carefully before providing price information:

You can pin the images and the price information. But, I suggest that you shouldn’t provide price information because many people dislike a business on Pinterest.

price on product

In general, Pinterest and other social networks are appropriate to share images, information and ideas…rather than direct selling.

6. Take the advantages of description on Pinterest:

You should spend more time to provide more information in your Profile. You can add your website address and other social networks’ addresses.

In addition, the images, pictures that are pinned should be had enough description and maybe proper Keywords and Hashtags to support for SEO.

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7. Arrange boards properly:

The important boards should be on top, in the most attractive positions. You also should choose a proper cover for the board. The best cover must describe exactly the content of this board.

8. Don’s pin too much:

If you pin too much, other people will feel unpleasant, and easy to leave your page. Let pin pictures what you actually like.

9. Using beautiful pictures and high quality:

Absolutely, it’s true. With beautiful sights, high quality pictures will give the potential customers great experience.




Finally, let see a sample Pinterest page about Vietnam beautiful sights.


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