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Fail if you don't know fundamental SEO technique on Etsy

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Basically, Etsy is an online community for buyers and sellers to trade strictly hand-crafted or vintage goods. Most products sold here fall into the category of arts, crafts, jewelry, paper-goods, housewares and artisan candies or baked goods. Vintage items must be at least 20-years old to qualify which can range from costumes, clothing, jewelry, photos and housewares. However, resellers are not allowed to sell on Etsy.
In fact, no matter how great your merchandise is, if no one finds your Etsy shop, you won’t make many sales. Fortunately, you can use basic search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, just like you would on your own e-commerce website, to make your Etsy storefront more discoverable and increase its chances of appearing in search results on and search engines like Google and Bing.

1. Name of your Etsy shop:

So, the very first thing you should bear in mind is the Name of your shop and your website, which will both represent the items you are selling as well as help you rank in the search engines. Absolutely, when it comes to choosing a name for your Etsy shop, you had better choose a keyword which may help you a lot in the search engines or perhaps you can use a personal or funny name such as your nick name or even your own one.


- Keyword is the word that search engines use to categorize and decide what website or the piece of content or article about. For example, if you are selling photographic art prints and the suitable keyword should be “Photographic Art”. And the same with selling handmade Celtic Jewelry, then the keyword would be “Celtic Jewelry”. Actually, working out the essence of what you are selling and choosing keywords will surely give you a boost when it comes to placement with search engines.

- Your shop title should contain keywords, for instance, you should call your shop along the lines of “Fine Art by (your name)” if you are selling Fine Art. And the same with handmade tote bags, you should call it “Tote bags by (your name)”. It can not be refused that that name will tell visitors of your shop just in a glance exactly what you are selling as well as help search engines decide where your shop fits within their rankings.

- Beside the fact that you should keywords for you name of shop, a brief, positive and memorable name is recommended to appeal your customers. However, you should ensure that your shop name is between 4 and 20 characters long to fit Etsy’s requirements and once you’ve chosen the name; it can’t be changed at a later date. You can brainstorm the name with as many options with keywords as you can, then ask your friends and family to decide.

- If you would like to sell more than one item which have nothing in common like crystal jewelry and photographic art, there is no reason why you can’t open 2 Etsy shops. And the only thing you should bear in mind that you must link your shops by disclosing them in each shop’s announcement. To make your shops stand out from the others, you should use color schemes for your backgrounds in your photographs. Etsy banner and title of items.

2. Fulfilling all your Etsy shop's information:

After choosing a suitable keyword and the name containing keyword, it’s time for you to ensure maximum exposure in the search engines by optimizing your shop. Keywords are very important and there are several areas where you can place keywords within your shop that will optimize your shop and improve ranking.

- The first thing is “title tag”, that is what you can see in the top left hand corner of your screen. To enter your title tag, first you need to sign in to “Your Etsy”, you see “Shop setting” and click on” Info and appearance”. On the next page, the first option under “Shop Info” is “Shop Title” , you can see that keywords. Once you click “Save” and click on your Etsy shop’s home page, you should see your keyword in the top left hand corner of your Internet browser.

-The next place you should optimize is your shop announcement. To set up, you click on” Your Etsy”, look to the left, under “ Shop setting” click on “Info and Appearance” and type the announcement. This field is very important as it is the first thing people see , so you should spend time considering the information you add. Not only do the search engines read this but also will potential customers, and while you need to include your keywords, you should focus equal attention on writing that will captivate human readers with brief announcement.

Shop Announcement

And here is result Google search:

Etsy shop Google search

-The search engines also scan your shop sections with the keywords on the products’ name. To add new sections to your shop, you log in, go to Your Etsy , Shop Setting, and Info & Appearnce then select Sections from the menu at the top of page. Then a shop section will now show on the screen where you can choose your section to add. The follow and choose the keyword you want the search engines to scan. Once you’ve filled out the sections and listed items, they’ll appear on your main Etsy page. This has twofold benefit including SEO improvement for your shop, making customer’s lives much easier if you want to search through your shop for specific items. Anyway, other areas where you should ensure you include keywords are in the title, descriptions and tags of your listings but do not overuse it or you will fall into “keyword stuffing”.

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