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3 ultimate guides to get effective keywords on Etsy

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When it comes to SEO, the initial step that affects to the whole SEO campaign is keyword research. You may know all techniques to be found, to be ranked on the very first page on Etsy or Google, but it will be nothing if you are not provided enough knowledge in doing keyword research. “What keywords to rank for?” – it is the most controversial  question when  people start an internet marketing in general. And so is Etsy SEO.  Keyword not only comes from the seller’s mind but also from buyer, customer’s mind. That is, you should put yourself in the shoes of your customers who look for your products on Google. Imagine what they think, understand their logical words they will write to do their searches, and once you get into their heads, you will find the perfect keywords.


As many marketers, of course, you should start a marketing campaign with STP (Segmentation – Targeting – Positioning). With Segmentation, Targeting, you will be helped to answer such questions as what are your target audience, target customer for doing marketing, doing SEO. In fact, identifying the target audience, target customer not only affects internet marketing and SEO campaign but also the other aspects of product and price strategies. Now, assume that you already have identified your target customer in your mind when you came up with product ideas and decided to sell on Etsy, move to the next step –looking for the most valuable keywords to be found on competitive Etsy marketplace and analyzing terms that your target customers use to search for products on Etsy.

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1. Market research

Please don't afraid of the phrase "Market research" if you really wanna be entrepreneurs on Etsy shop, in fact, market research is not as complicated as you think. However, it should not be neglected. Just go around your cities, ask families, relatives and friends or do some quick researches on the Internet, jot them down and you will get a basic overview of current trends in your particular art or craft, what terms that your customers might type in the search engine.

Google keyword planner

2. Google keyword planning and Etsy's search bar & suggested terms

After having background knowledge of some keywords in your mind, it’s time for using Google keyword planner and Etsy’s search bar.

Google keyword planner is a powerful tool to have insight data from Internet users in any countries, any languages by choosing “search for keyword and ad group ideas”. Entering your initial keywords from your quick market research, Google will give you a list of related keywords around your main keywords with search volume per month. From the list of keywords, now you can choose for yourself the most appropriate ones to you. That’s perfect.

Another simple, but not-less powerful tool is Etsy’s search bar & suggested terms. For instance, your niche is custom invitation and now you wish to know the trend of graduation invitation in this summer. Just type the main keyword “graduation invitation” into the search bar and magically, Etsy will suggest you about 10 trending keywords. Really cool, right?

Etsys search bar  suggested terms

3. Etsy long-tail keywords? Give it a shot

After having first keywords from market research, google keyword planner, Etsy’s search bar & suggested terms, it is good enough to base on those keywords to create product name, description, tag, etc for doing SEO on Etsy. know, those first keywords are pretty competitive. Why don’t you use long-tail keywords rather than just only focus on fiercely competitive short keywords?

There is small trick to help you create long-tail keywords from the customer’s point of view. And it is exceedingly appropriate to handmade or vintage Etsy shops. From initial short keywords, you can combine with Moods, Colors, Materials, Events to produce a perfect long-tail keywords.

- Mood (characteristic) keywords are attached with products when customer search are usually “Romantic”, “Happy”, “Funny”, “Gorgeous”, “Elegant”, “sexy”, “charming”, etc.

- Color: can be whatever color: blue, black, white, peach, coral, etc.

- Material: it depends on your products such as wooden, paper, golden, fabric, etc.

- Events: you describe that your products are suitable for certain events such as weddings, birthdays, proms, parties or something like that.


Anyway, 3 simple guides above will be useful for those starting with SEO on Etsy to get found with high ranking soon. There are further tips for you to increase your selling rate after you get yourself the effective ranking on Google. Good luck with your Etsy products!

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