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How to manage your work effectively?

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Every second that passes by is never regained; therefore, before doing anything, you should have a specific plan to manage your time scientifically way and prevent from waiting time. Nevertheless, many people still waste time because of ineffective management of work-life balance. Therefore it is necessary to understand how important time is and how to better your time management skills.

Goals setting

Goal setting is the best way to manage time effectively. Having clear and specific goals will help you avoid being distracted from the goals. Moreover, you are required yourself a time bound to accomplish the goals, achieve the objectives that you set. Then, you can master your time, and never waste it.



To-do-list is listing all tasks that you have to do daily, weekly, even monthly. Goal setting is to indicate the final destination you want to reach and To-do-list likes a map, a list of roads that you have to go through to arrive at the destination. Making a to-do-list helps you manage valuable time easily. You'll know what must be done at any time, then you will not have to spend time thinking about what to do during the day or what next after the completion of certain tasks. No more distraction!


Specific time setting for each work

To save time, you should set specific time setting for each task, such as: define starting time, time for each step, ending time and total time to complete the whole work. Therefore you will have a framework with specific time which will not affect results of the work and not wasting valuable time.

Task Priority Management

After listing all tasks, you should take a moment to double-check which important task need to be done first, and the rest after that. The important task should be ticked and fulfilled immediately to ensure that they are completed on time, then the remaining.
This arrangement helps you not to rush or stress because of forgetting important things and maintain the other work to be resolved in time.

Work summary

By the end of a workday, you should review whether all tasks are done or not, how much time you spent on that job and wonder it really work well. Additionally, you check again whether your time for work effective or not, and if there is an unreasonable point, you should find out the reason and resolve it.
There are many useful softwares that help you manage workload like Asana or Teamwork. Thanks to these tools, you can control the work easily with less effort.


Discipline and habit

To use time scientifically, you have to keep discipline and habit of saving time for yourself. Let set your own rules and follow those rules. You maybe feel difficult and daunting in the first time but you should practice slowly to get used of it. When everything is on the track, you will find more time for life as well as work and don’t need to worry about racing with time and unexpected things day by day.


Concentration is a great way for you to not waste time. When you are doing something, you are devoting all the energy and intellect to work, which not only bring you excellent job results but also help you save a lot of time. The reason is that when focusing, you will quickly finish the job and have time for other things.


Scientific workplace arrangement

Arranging workplace helps you save time in searching for files and documents when needed. A messy workplace with piles of old and new, important or not important documents not only makes you feel distraction, but it also takes a lot of time to find a document when needed. So let's tidy and rearrange the workplace in scientific way, then you will have not to waste time on useless work.

When you have an objective and a scientific way to arrange work, you will feel timescale being wider. Thus, you should review yourself whether you manage time effective or not and indicate the reason for ineffective one. Then you will know how to avoid losing valuable time.

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