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How to take advantage of LinkedIn for business

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Nowadays, with the rapid development of social network, LinkedIn is become more familiar and powerful with everyone. Launched in 2003, LinkedIn not only a network to connect among people in term of sharing information but it also a good way for every businesses to expand their brand. Because of social media trend in the world, LinkedIn becomes a powerful marketing channel that everyone should concern about. Therefore it is necessary to know how to use LinkedIn effectively.



1.      Creating a professional profile and making connections

How to Set Up a Professional LinkedIn Account

Make sure that your profile is complete 100% and up-to-date. Moreover, you should highlight your specialties and your accomplishments that you have done. Remember to update your profile frequently because what you’ve achieved and your value will draw strong attention to clients.

Networking is crucial when you are doing business. After you create LinkedIn account, LinkedIn allows you to scan Yahoo!, Gmail, Hotmail... lists and identify who’s also on LinkedIn, so you can invite them to connect simply with one click. You can do that by click on “Add connections”. In addition, you can take advantage of tool's search functions to explore people, jobs, projects that you are interested in. 

2.      Updating status regularly and engaging with other posts

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Maintaining a complete LinkedIn profile is not enough. You have to let people know what you're doing or what your interests are. By sharing information about useful business tips, ideas with your comments and questions, you are establishing rapport with others people and increasing opportunities to meet up with many enterprises.

Another trick is that you can like, share, comment on posts in LinkedIn stream, just like you are using other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter…It not only brings to you the attention of the person who posted, you also have an opportunity to be seen by other people or companies.

3.      Joining LinkedIn groups and be an active participant



Joining LinkedIn groups related to your business is very useful. You will have chance to either make new connections with others or sharing your content to others as well as you can keep an eye on the pulse of what’s going on in your industry.

Hence, let’s start by targeting your prospects. After that, try to find potential group in your industry that you can discuss, listen what other people are talking about, interact and offer the advice. Remember that no one likes “direct push”, you need to be active in a period of time to build your brand.

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4.      Creating company page and building an active community

AM Outsourcing LinkedIn page

To increase brand awareness, you need to create your own page with useful content that attracts huge followers. All of company’s employees must follow company page and comment, share the page’s content regularly. When you join some LinkedIn groups in step 3, you definitely should have a prospect list, then invite them in your group by sending personalized invitations. With a LinkedIn group, the company have ability to message members once a week. These messages go directly to the email inbox, so it is a great way to deliver company’s special promotions or campaigns.

Another way to increase your group follower is adding LinkedIn social plugins to your website, blog posts and email newsletter campaigns. It helps business either stay in touch with many followers or increase their fans.

5.      Using other applications from LinkedIn


LinkedIn is not only the online database but it also has some other applications, such as Slideshare, My Travel,, and Events Portfolio Display. These applications can help you introduce, marketing your brand as well as bring the collaboration between connections.

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