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Essential Email Marketing Trends in 2016 for Business

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email marketing trend 2016

With the Internet booming, Email was a powerful tool for increasing brand awareness, especially for small & medium business. People consider Email marketing as a cost-saving and effective way to keep customers relation. However, when email marketing become so popular, unsolicited spam just happens. Hence, it is necessary to change the way of doing email marketing in order to catch up with user behaviors in modern economy.


1. Simpler but more effective email design



efficient email

Obviously, customers does not like reading too much detailed email, especially it is from an unfamiliar sender. Therefore, it is required for a simple and efficient email. For example, an email with simple design, clear content and few text will be more attractive than other ones. Besides that, according to customers’ responses, they are more comfortable when reading email with animated GIFs and text lines are divided by lots of white space.


2. Mobile Email marketing



With the rapid development of mobile phone, it is more convenient for people to check their emails by phone. According to statistics from 2011 to 2013, there was an increase of 30% the number of emails were opened on mobile phone devices. Therefore, marketers should take advantage from that by design mobile-friendly emails.

There are some standards that you can optimize to make an email marketing successful such as an easy unsubscribe, clear identification of sender, below 100 Kb attached files, etc…


 3. Personalized Email marketing



People perceive an email as a spam partly due to it is designed for everyone. In a modern economy, to receive the best response result, you need to give the best for the receiver. Personalize means segmenting your customers, then sending them different email based on the interests of each person. Today, personalized email is six times more effective than non-personalized emails, based on transaction rates. For example, if you sell apparel, you need to know which type of clothes that customers usually purchase, so you can take advantage of that by sending personalized email to give specific and relevant offers for each customer.


4. Predictive analytics in email marketing


The process of email marketing today is not just sending a message to the clients and waiting for their responses, the sender needs to analyze and prepare carefully for an email campaign. At first, sender nowadays is more considering about email timing which means keeping an eye on the time when customers receive the message. That will be great if emails are sent at the time they are most likely to be opened. With the assistance of email analytics tools, you will see how many people open your email, whether they use mobile phone to open as well as when they usually open emails. Email timing is more crucial if your mailing list includes customers in foreign countries.


In addition, an automated email campaign which is set to response to customer’s behavior is an emergence. In more details, next email content that you will send depends on what readers did with your previous email. Behavioral emails are important because previous customer’s behavior can leverage your content next time and help to determine targeted email campaign to focus on.


Finally, email marketing has evolved, it is not simple as sending mass email to an entire list. When it comes to a modern economy, the vital point here is how well you know your customers and keep up with the trends of email marketing.  

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